About CoSMo

This is our story

CoSMo was founded in 2015 by WebRTC veterans, with the goal to develop tools to make WebRTC easier to use and adopt for any project. Since that time we have invested heavily in expanding our knowledge, in R+D, and in pushing the boundaries of what WebRTC can do.

As we predicted almost a decade ago, WebRTC has become the default media streaming standard over the web. We have committed considerable time and resources to working with and contributing to standards bodies and to providing free open source code for a wide range of situations.

In 2018 we joined forces with Influxis to create Millicast, envisioning  a bright future for WebRTC in the real time streaming space to replace Flash. Together, and with our hundreds of customers, we keep  pushing the technical boundaries of WebRTC for streaming at scale. We have the world’s most advanced true real time streaming Platform as a Service and Infrastructure as a Service available today.

Dr Alex Gouaillard

Dr Alex Gouaillard

CEO, Founder, Chief Technologist

PhD Image Processing, PhD Computer Science, Harvard MBA

Sergio Garcia Murillo

Sergio Garcia Murillo

Global Tech Lead Media Server

MSc Mathematics

Dr Ludovic Roux

Dr Ludovic Roux

Chief Scientific Officer

PhD Computer Science

Alexandrine Platonoff

Alexandrine Platonoff

Chief Finance and Operations Officer


Richard Blakely

Richard Blakely

Head USA/Millicast


Opportunities for Interns and Engineers

For CoSMo to realise its objective, we rely on our outstanding team of “CoSMo-nauts” who make up the organisation across the world.  

Each year, we have opportunities for a small number of interns to join us on futuristic research and innovation, and on the development of our next generation of products. We are constantly on the lookout for exceptional talent.   

If you feel you have something special to bring to our team drop us a line.

Investor Enquiries

Even for a successful company, accelerated growth takes capital. We are raising funds in 2020 and in 2021. Explore how we can work together. Please write to us at contact@cosmosoftware.io

Media Enquiries

We love working with journalists. If you are a member of the media and would like to talk with our team, please write to us at contact@cosmosoftware.io 

Technical Enquiries

Solving problems is at the heat of what we do.  If you have an intractable RTC problem, or you just want to share your idea write to us at contact@cosmosoftware.io