Our Technical Credentials

Demonstrating we are World Class

Active members of WebRTC working groups for standardisation of the technology at Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). Co-hosts WebRTC Hackatons with Google at each IETF meeting (3 times a year)

Active member of The Alliance for Open Media for implementation of latest video codecs in real-time environment

Leader of the webrtc-in-webkit project (Apple) together with Ericsson Research

Co-chair of the International Multimedia Telecommunications Consortium (IMTC) WebRTC interoperability group with Unify

Contributor to many open-source projects and Internet giants projects (Chrome, Stadia, Safari, Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Universal Windows Platform)

Publisher of peer-reviewed scientific articles.  Invited experts to numerous working groups and conferences on Real-Time Communication and Streaming (NAB, AO Media Symposium, IIT-RTC, Demuxed, CommConUK,…)


Interencheres is the leading website for auctions in France. They say:   “We’ve been streaming live auctions using Flash for over 7 years. Knowing Flash was being deprecated, we’ve been looking for a replacement solution that could sustain real-time latency with high video quality for a hundred of thousands of concurrent viewers daily.

After testing and deploying in production multiple vendors advertising support for such a use case, we quickly realised none was up to their promise. Until we tried Millicast ! What a relief to find such a solid solution in the midst of the COVID crisis.

Adopting Millicast has proved tremendously easy. Thanks to the availability of their KITE testing tool, we could check in a real production environment, using our own client software, the capacity to handle our expected load before we made the solution available to our customers. With results beyond our expectations, we switched all our live auctions to the Millicast platform. Millicast was actually the first vendor capable of such a load testing demonstration.

Since its launch, our Millicast-based live auction solution verifies daily to be highly reliable, be it in terms of quality and scale. We keep achieving historical record highs for our live auctions : 650 live auctions (+68% y-o-y) and 2’115 hours of streaming (+44% y-o-y) in the single month of May. Adding remote live capacity to traditional auctions allowed to attract a new audience (47% of users had not participated in auctions before), which automatically translated into more revenue. Adopting Millicast allowed not only business continuation, but also incredible business growth (+126% in goods value sold from May 2019).

Millicast’s customer service is outstanding : their team is easy to reach and extremely responsive. With Millicast, we are fully confident we have now found the right partner to stream our live auctions and scale our business further.”

Olivier Dupuis

CTO, Interencheres

“I am extremely happy to report that every single member of the Millicast team has risen to the occasion, showing an incredible level of talent and commitment to the project. The system has improved at a dizzying rate on both the Millicast’s and Megaphone’s side and I can squarely now say the “birthing pain” has, in fact, solidified my confidence and respect for your team. The technical improvements on Millicast’s end and the information you are personally providing has been invaluable. You’ve helped us deliver an amazing experience under an incredibly compressed timeline.”

Coin Mook

Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder, Coin Mook, MegaphoneTV, New York

“With the help of Millicast, our service has become a strong force to be reckoned with. The latency of our live auction video reduced dramatically  from 2.7 seconds to 0.2 seconds on average, even over 4G connections in very rural locations.”

Marcel Read

Director of Solution Architecture, zynstra.com

Dr Alex Gouaillard, as CoSMo’s Founder and CEO, has extensive knowledge and experience of WebRTC/VoIP, and is the speaker of one of the largest WebRTC events in Japan. Not only having technical skill but also his personality makes him attractive. In fact, he always helps me to solve problems about WebRTC. He is the man that I’d like work with again.

Yoshimasa Iwase

Software Engineer supporting HR and Tech PR, NTT Ltd.

Dr Alex Gouaillard, CoSMo’s CEO, is one of those very few people with the combination of vast and deep technical expertise and engineering proficiency, business sense and entrepreneurial attitude and impeccable communications skills. He is a very inspiring leader and at the same time, his contribution to the WebRTC community has been phenomenal and had an immense impact.   Developers from all over the world have been using products that he architected and led to drive the WebRTC technology from the innovation field all the way up to the tough world of the enterprise.

Dini Martini

Director, HERE

Passionate and laser-focused on execution are the two dominant traits that come to mind when thinking about CoSMo’s CEO and Founder, Dr Alex Gouaillard. It is my continued pleasure to interact with him as part of his work as scientific advisory board member of Novadiscovery. You will never come away empty-handed when pinching his brains. Alex thrives in high-pressure/high-uncertainty situations and delivers beyond expectations in a seemingly effortless manner.

Francois-Henri Boissel

CEO, Novadiscovery

Alexandre is a very savvy CTO who knows how to quickly prioritise and focus on building the right solutions. He understands cloud, and communication technology well. A personable leader, he has excellent listening, presentation and communication skills and as such is a pleasure to engage with and have on the team as a business partner. 

Brent Wolfe

Regional Sale Director, HCL

I had the pleasure to have Alexandre as a teacher in a hands on formation on Insight Toolkit (ITK) and CMake. He provided us with a good formation for development and research objectives. He has excellent skill in making complex concepts and methodologies into simple and understandable things. He is hard working and friendly guy. I enjoyed a lot under his supervision.

Humayun Irshad

Lead Scientist, Machine Learning and Computer Vision, Figure-Eight Technologies

“We started with a bold vision to elevate WebRTC in uncharted territories. We were facing challengers deep in the Chromium stack that was significantly reducing our chances to succeed and shortened our runway.  As a start-up, we need to move fast and cannot rely solely on Google. We turned to CoSMo. Their complete understanding of the Chromium source code and a deep expertise in the WebRTC stack has been unmatched. CoSMo’s experience and speed was key to addressing the nuances in WebRTC, jitter buffer, audio mixing, AEC and web audio. We are very excited about our partnership with CoSMo.”

Dominic Walker

Founder and CEO, Around

“Honestly, I’m ecstatic with Millicast and how easy it is to get setup almost instantly.  I spent weeks researching  Wowza, Red5pro, etc., but unless you are a developer, there seems to be a massive barrier to entry. All I wanted was a private WebRTC stream (and be able to broadcast from OBS live) below one second latency, and that I could embed this in my own webpage. I was amazed that I was able to do this within five minutes and signing up on Millicast. This is awesome !”

Alex Williams

Alexandre (Dr. Alex Gouaillard, CoSMo’s Founder and CEO)  has a very deep knowledge of WebRTC. Not just the theoretical about how the specification say things should work, but also the practical issues of what actually does work in various browsers and how to combine things to achieve great user experiences. I always enjoy conversation with him as he has such a broad knowledge base across many CS disciplines. 

Cullen Jennings

Fellow, Cisco Systems

I have always been impressed with Dr Alex’s (Founder and CEO of CoSMo) breadth of knowledge and how he is versatile in industry strategy, architectural and highly technical matters all in the same time. I have seen him do things ranging from architecting a complex WebRTC browser plugin, writing blog entries with insightful industry analysis and answering tricky technical questions on developer forums.  I know few other people with the same range of expertise.  Alex is also very pragmatic and efficient: qualities that make him a very valuable partner and fun to work with! 

Emil Ivov

Head of Product, Video Collaboration, 8x8

I met Alex in the Google discuss-webrtc mail list and IETF rtcweb work group. We engaged and collaborated together on many technical discussions such as Google Chrome getUserMedia implementation, PeerConnection state changes, the H.264 patch for WebRTC media stack, and the heated and lengthy debate on video codecs in IETF RTCweb group where Alex strongly supported H.264 and VP8. He lead a team to build the WebRTC plugin for Safari and Internet Explorer that wowed the world and greatly helped the adoption of WebRTC to wider audience. The things that impressed me are Dr Alex’s knowledge, leadership and vision. And he is always here to help people out in the WebRTC community, thank you Alex, and CoSMo, for the contributions to the WebRTC community and the industry.

Kaiduan Xia

Pioneer and Consultant, WebRTC

I’ve worked with CoSMo’s Dr Alexandre as a technology expert in WebRTC. His technical knowledge is exceptional. He understands the WebRTC technology landscape as well as the internals of WebRTC functionality both within browsers as well as the C++ WebRTC codebase. He is also actively involved in its standardisation, correcting bugs and pushing the boundaries.

Silvia Pfeiffer

CEO, Coviu Video, Author, Google Developer Expert