Testing for WebRTC apps:

CoSMo releases KITE 2.0: More open-source code, easier to use, and what else, al for your use in testing for WebRTC apps?!

CoSMo Software is pleased to announce the release of KITE 2.0! Easier to use and with lots of new code open source, CoSMo strives to continue contributing to the WebRTC community and ecosystem.

What’s KITE?

In collaboration with Google, CoSMo has developed an open-source testing engine, KITE, and contributed it as the official tool to automate interoperability testing for webrtc.org.


KITE stands for Karoshi Interoperability Testing Engine

Because manually testing WebRTC interop previously felt like Karoshi : “death by overwork” in Japanese.

What’s new with KITE 2.0 ?

KITE 2.0 is no longer an expert tool made for experts. It’s been redesigned with a focus on ease of use, with step by step guides for installation and set up.

CoSMo also significantly extended KITE features to enable end-to-end automated testing for WebRTC apps and full infrastructure :

‍Testing for WebRTC apps:

Is my app testing supported by KITE 2.0 ?

Most certainly ! KITE is compatible for testing between all possible combinations of stable, beta releases for all major web browsers on all major OS for your web, Electron or native apps. It even works for iOS and Android, and to test scenarios between SIP (VoIP) and WebRTC !

Test your app across:
-Different OSes
-Different Browsers
Desktop and Mobile
Web, Electron and Native apps
Beta Browser builds

Testing for WebRTC apps:

What’s open source and where do I find it ?

The open source version of KITE 2.0 for interoperability testing has been enhanced. It comes with more free test scripts and step by step guides to :

  • Install KITE 2.0
  • Install a local testing Grid
  • Run tests and visualise their results in an Allure dashboard

Open source KITE 2.0 for interop testing enables you to automate testing for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Discover more and test for yourself here :

Do you know ?

A testing Grid is very tedious to maintain, especially when you need to support multiple platforms. CoSMo has set up an extensive Selenium Grid to relieve you from maintaining your own. CoSMo can offer running the Grid as a Service. Contact us for more information !

You’re all set to go ! Enjoy KITE 2.0 !

‍Want to know more about the other features of KITE 2.0 or our other WebRTC products? Contact us via email, Intercom or schedule a call with us.

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