Learn how KITE Grid manager has enhanced 3CX, identifying system bottlenecks and elements to improve video webmeeting quality.

 3CX  wanted to examine and improve their web meeting experince – they turned to CoSMo Professional Services and CoSMo’s KITE testing tool.

Following our scientific publication of Comparative Study of WebRTC Open Source SFUs for Video Conferencing at IPTComm, CoSMo were approached by 3CX to benchmark their WebMeeting SFU performance using KITE Grid Manager. The objective was to analyses and improve video webmeeting quality.

Thanks to KITE Grid Manager, 3CX has been able to load and stress test their back-end in video conference mode and webinar mode. To identify precise bottlenecks or elements to be improved, 3CX used KITE to automatically control all aspects of the environment to best simulate real-world conditions and automated numerous repetitions of load test scenarios for hours.

‍“The testing process provided valuable controlled-environment insights and experience to our team, helping to focus, stress-test and improve specific internal parts of the 3CX WebMeeting web client “,

concludes 3CX on their blogpost.

Ultimately, thanks to KITE Grid Manager, 3CX’s WebMeeting performance and capacity were improved, and when benchmarked against the leading WebRTC open-source SFUs, 3CX can now demonstrate it compares on par or favourably.

‍“KITE Grid Manager is extremely versatile and easy to use ”, and enables to “conveniently analyze statistics from each connected client ”. 3CX had set their own load test targets to 3’000 concurrent viewers on webinar mode, and over 450 concurrent clients on video conference mode, but much more load can be simulated by KITE Grid Manager if necessary.

To know more on what you can achieve thanks to KITE Grid Manager for load testing, read 3CX blog post here, and review our independent benchmark report of 3CX WebMeeting platform here.

Interested in improving your back-end, client-side and overall communication system performance with a powerful load and stress test tool?