How Millicast saves Hollywood during COVID

Numerous studios are engaging with CoSMo and Millicast is because CoSMo has the capacity of extending WebRTC to support the level of quality post-processing requires, and Millicast provides the delivery at interactive latency that their teams require, over the public internet.

Hollywood has all but been brought to a standstill by the Coronavirus Pandemic. Shelter in Place directives have dispersed the editing and production teams to work from their home. But working from home demands that you link up to your local ISP, suffer the vagaries of domestic Internet connections and work on your consumer grade computer (however high the spec, it’s not your studio kit).  

When the film production process demands that you are in a digitally connected team – all working in real time – you are suddenly confronted with problems. But people are at home, with consumer grade hardware, desktops or laptops, and public internet access.  And the show must go on – you must continue to edit and produce movies.

As summarized to us by a Senior Executive of one of the top 5 Hollywood Studios: “Whether in the studio or WFH, post-production and validation of content requires the same holy trinity.” That is, these THREE requirements:

  1. Movie Production quality,
  2. Interactive latency for team to collaborate in real time, and
  3. Affordable price, particularly when everybody will need to have the solution at home.

The reason why many Hollywood studios and Post-Productions companies all over the world are engaging with CoSMo today is because CoSMo and Millicast have the capacity to provide the “holy trinity” of requirements described above in a WFH setting thus Millicast saves Hollywood during COVID.

Using Millicast studios and production teams can maintain full capability in a WFH environment today, and post COVID, can deploy global teams, working from their home location(s). This not only answers the WFH challenge but will unlock access to global talent.   SEE FULL ARTICLE IN BLOGS –

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