CoSMo Hacker tools

For Expert Developers

CoSMo Hacker Tools enable developers to Modify, Test, Package and Maintain  modified version of libwebrtc to reduce bottlenecks and improve productivity.

Automate Everything!

Save resources by automating everything, from CMake scripts, CTest, to Gtest.

Fast Fetch

Access to offline builds and git mirrors to fetch source code faster.

Fast Compilation

Speed up compilation by 3x* with Distributed Compilation and enjoy faster modify-test cycles.

* Parallel compilation with 4 identical computers

Fast Unit Testing and Validation

Test Efficiently

Test only a subset of full-test suite relevant to your modifications.

Test locally and safeguard your operations.

Leverage EXTRA tests from CoSMo.

Distributed Testing

Distribute testing to speed up test cycle, locally or remotely, and run the full test suites faster.

Visual Dashboard

Quickly find out source of errors in builds with CDash Unit test dashboard.

Integrated in Continuous Integration (CI) Pipeline.

Interoperability Testing

Testing with KITE

Test between all combinations of all your clients, be it native or web app.

All stable and beta releases of all major web browsers are used to test the web app.

Native apps are tested on all major OS. Electron apps are also supported.

Visual Dashboard

KITE interoperability testing dashboard for end-to-end runtime errors.

All results are aggregated and presented to you in a user-friendly, interactive way to help you narrow down quickly on actionable problems.

Package Tool

Installer Generator & Import Scripts

  • CPack for generic white-label installers
  • CMake Scripts to import in projects

Debugging Support

Utilizing co-debugging, source file packaged to reference along with debugging symbols.

Artifacts Management Tool

Optimize Development

Centralize binary artifacts generated and overcome complexity from the diversity of binary artifacts with our Conan Artifact Management Tool.

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