Video Quality Assessment Tool


Improve user experience with our state-of-the-art, real-time, reliable, easy to use, AI-based video quality assessment (VQA) tool.

Why does VQA matter?

Video Quality Assessment is used widely as a metric to quantify quality of user experience (UX). However, popular VQA metrics such as VMAF and SSIM, work in post-mortem and in controlled environments only. What if the reliability of such metrics could be now accessed live?

Real-time VQA

Stop reacting, and be proactive instead!

NARVAL is designed to produce VQA results similar to SSIM and VMAF but in real-time. Set up your VQA with NARVAL and get reliable media quality metrics live to proactively control your UX in real-time!

Move to Real-time UX Evaluation

Integrate NARVAL metric with real-time network assessment monitoring, and your UX evaluation system is now real-time. Adapting your system performance live becomes possible, ultimately improving your user experience!

NARVAL — a Best-in-Class Metric

Outperforms Other No-reference Metrics

NARVAL features a no-reference assessment. NARVAL is the current leading no-reference VQA when it comes to predicting quality scores given by human users.

Comparable with Other Full Reference Metrics

NARVAL is not only just as good as leading full-referenced metrics VMAF and SSIM… but also in real-time!

Standalone, or Integrated with KITE

Take advantage of NARVAL for real-time VQA and integrate the results with KITE to monitor user experience. Also instrument network conditions, test interoperability and/or your UI functions and automate your testing process with KITE.

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