KITE Interoperability Testing Tool

KITE Interop Testing

Interoperability testing made easy across the widest range of [Mobile/Desktop] [Native/Web] platforms.

KITE Interoperability Testing

KITE engine enables synchronized testing between 2 or more clients, which is essential for a true interoperability test.

KITE automates your feature testing between all possible combinations of stable, beta release for all major web browsers and your native apps on all major OS.

Combined with its network instrumentation module, KITE simulates real world conditions to help you optimize your full infrastructure, from server to client.

Extensive Platform Support

Test your app for Interoperability across:


  • Different OSes
  • Different Browsers

  • Desktop and Mobile

  • Web, Electron, and Native Apps

  • Beta Browser Builds

Avoid Karōshi 過 労 死 (Death by Overwork) from manually testing all permutations of the interop test sets.

How Will KITE Help?

  • Validate and enhance your User Experience by FULLY monitoring application feature compatibility for both browsers and native applications on ALL devices, and ALL OSes
  • Identify and troubleshoot bottlenecks of your client or server end, on both software and/or hardware
  • Easily simulate real-world conditions to optimize and monitor your service’s performance

Test Setup and Configuration

Ready-to-Use Selenium Test Scripts

Leverage our expertise and setup your test based on our readily available Selenium Test Scripts, with modular steps to validate your WebRTC Service in any setup: p2p, conference, webinar, live streaming, and more.

Functional & Regression Testing

Automate the testing of every function in your app and service : login, video and audio verifications, screen sharing, statistics, chat, audio, contacts, … and catch browser bugs versions months ahead, before they impact your customers.

Use Any Selenium Grid

KITE testing can be ran on either or both:

  • Cloud/Private Cloud (Hosted)
  • On-premise

KITE Selenium Grid is flexible to cater to any configuration for your needs.

KITE Engine Design

Test Conductor

Client configuration, and test matrix management.

Test Dispatcher

Load Balancing, and managing test retries.

Test Runners

Run tests, collect and output RAW results.

KITE Reporting Dashboards

Result Output Analysis

Analyze test output and understand defects with the customizable KITE Dashboard or Allure Reports.

Extra Add-Ons

Grid Hosting

Save yourself the trouble of maintaining a comprehensive and updated Selenium Grid by using our Grid Hosting Services.

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Video Quality Test

Measure video quality with NARVAL – AI based metrics for real-time video quality evaluation.

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Network Instrumentation

Simulate firewalls, or any network conditions to validate how any of your services fare in non-ideal environments.

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