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Our knowledge and technology is enabling Real Time Communications across the world

Here’s just a few examples


We stream auctions, in real-time, on five continents, for the top names in the business, selling anything from real estate, to cattle, to fine art and wine.

Augmented reality

BAFTA 2020 saw the innovation of augmented reality ball gowns on the red carpet, thanks to our Millicast streaming platform.

Remote Production

Clients are using our ultra low latency streaming for wide area collaboration amongst artists and production studios.

Aerial Surveillance

Drone streaming mandates ultra low latency for security and surveillance to be effective. We have the required technology.


Every day, students across the world are tuning into virtual classrooms using learning management systems incorporating our technology.

Government and Security Sensitive Companies

End to End media encryption is mandated for top security cyber communications.  Governments and security sensitive companies, such as banks, rely on CoSMo to solve this intractable problem.

Digital Broadcast OTT

Entertainment has already gone digital and our technology enables live TV shows to be streamed to audiences across America.

Live Events

Live User Generated Content (UGC) is growing exponentially. New broadcast stars are emerging weekly and America’s Got Talent partnered with our client to conduct remote talent sourcing.

Virtual Talk Show

COVID-19 threatened to put a famous New York daily talk show off the air – instead they migrated to a virtual format, broadcast nationwide, assisted by our Millicast Platform.

These are just a few stories of our clients and uses, check our blog and news for more

Message from Dr Alex Gouaillard Founder and CEO

The Web Real Time Communications (WebRTC) standard has become the default way of communicating in real time over the web. Whether it is video or audio, a simple chat message, virtual reality experience or a multimedia stream being viewed as it happens by thousands of people, WebRTC is always at the heart.   

In 2015, when I started CoSMo, I had a vision that WebRTC would be the foundation of a new era of digital communication and broadcasting.  I was joined by a small group of scientists and engineers who shared my vision.  We researched, we pushed boundaries, we contributed to standards committees and to the community.  We took risks. We looked to the future.

Today, I’m proud that we deliver unique solutions, knowledge, and expertise to countless clients and partners across the world.    

We have a great array of products and tools for developers to cope with WebRTC challenges. We are recognised as being global experts in our field and collaborate daily with big tech companies which consult with us.  We also have the world’s fastest streaming platform for real-time media for anyone to access easily. 

The foundation of all we do is one simple objective:  to give the best possible technical solutions when implementing anything in the Real Time Communications space.

Come and talk with us, let us help you…

Dr Alex