High Value Products

All are state of the art

WebRTC Adoption

Libwebrtc packages

Pre-compiled libraries for developers who want to focus on building their App and SDK

WebRTC Hacker Tools

Set of tools to help large teams to modify, test, package and maintain libwebrtc and C++ libraries

Testing Your Infrastructure

Interoperability testing with KITE

KITE automates feature testing for all major web browsers and your native apps, on all major OS

Load testing with KITE

KITE automates testing under heaviest loads to validate your entire system

Video Quality Assessment (NARVAL)

Improve user experience with our state-of-the-art VQA tool

End to End Media Encryption

WebRTC Media Encryption

Extensions to libwebrtc to get your connections trully end-to-end encrypted

Stream Your Media


Millicast Streaming Services

Streaming at scale of global audiences at ‚Äúzero latency” – fully hosted or on your infrastructure