End-to-End Media Encryption (E2EME) Extensions

Take security matters into your own hands today

Manage and use your own keys now to implement End-to-End encryption as Telegram and Signal do. Nobody else but you (and the recipient you choose) can access your stream & data.

Complete COSMO Encryption

Using E2EME Extensions

We provide extensions to libwebrtc to get your connections end-to-end encrypted, even in the presence of media servers or gateways.

  • Fully backward compatible with the existing WebRTC stack
  • Falls back to original WebRTC, when E2E crypto keys are not provided
Scalable but not Secure

Using Media Server

As soon as you use a server, e.g. for scalability or recording, the server could expose your content to a third party.

Secure but Not Scalable

Using Peer-to-Peer

WebRTC encryption is hop-by-hop by design, and only end-to-end encrypted in p2p connections.

Key Features of CoSMo E2EME Extensions


Deployed in most of the top banks communications through SYMPHONY Communications, a secure communication provider that Financial Institutions trust.


Already supported by various WebRTC SFUs (Janus, Jitsi, Medooze and more).


Benchmarks and overhead evaluations publicly published. Encrypted recording and secure replay (e.g. for compliance officers) available.

Use Less Bandwidth

New media frame-based encryption reduces redundancy and overhead that were introduced in traditional packet-based encryption schemes like PERC.

Use Any Transport Protocol and Codec

New media frame-based encryption is transport-agnostic. Today it supports RTP and QUIC. Use with ANY Codec with “Frame-marking” RTP Extension. Supports SVC codecs like VP9 and AV1. Simulcast supported.

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