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August 2022

A Case Study on End to End Encryption

Background This blog is about End to End Encryption. Over the past decade greater adoption of the Cloud has made deploying conferencing solutions easier than ever. The move to the Cloud has been...

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H.264 in #WebRTC stacks

H264 in WebRTC H.264 finally a first class citizen in #WebRTC stacks VP8 and H.264 codecs are mandatory to implement to be webrtc compliant. Simulcast is a way to use multiple encoders at a time to...

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Is QUIC the future of #WebRTC

Is QUIC the future of #WebRTC ... QUIC has been the source of all the heat during the internet meetings for the past two years at least, after being kind of restricted to a smaller group... From Dr...

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How do I keep Libwebrtc up to date?

How do I keep Libwebrtc up to date when it updates every six weeks … Recent discussions with several parties, make me realise that the first steps to master webrtc are not yet documented enough....

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How to get the best #WebRTC Video Quality

How to get the best #WebRTC Video Quality by using Quality Assessment, and how do you know if you video conference or video streaming is good? One can take all possible metrics from the statistic...

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